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TOTAL Kenya PLC is committed to meeting customers' expectations through seamless service delivery at the service station. It is our role to make a difference.

Your trust and satisfaction drive our actions: everyday Total is committed to deliver to its customers the highest service standards. Every year Total trains its dealers and pump attendants to welcome you, advise you and provide you with high quality services.

Welcoming our customers: it is our role to make a difference



Expertise: Our teams are trained to welcome you in the best and most efficient way possible.

Trust: You pay for the exact amount of product delivered, not more, not less.

Each customer matters: We provide each customer with a personalized greeting and tailor our services to your needs.


A complete range of products and services to make Total service stations a one stop shop

  • Get free services from your pump attendant: under-bonnet checks, tire gauge, window cleaning.
  • Save fuel by following our Eco-services program: talk to our pump attendants to find out many tips on how to reduce your fuel consumption!