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Total Gas FAQ's

Total Kenya PLC, the leading oil company in the country, prides itself on packaging and marketing trusted, safe, and reliable Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). This is sold under the Total Gas brand and is available to customers in a range of 3, 6, 13, 22.5 and 50 kg gas cylinders. As customers may not be aware about key LPG safety issues, Total Kenya provides answers to the following questions on purchasing and handling LPG.

A: Many people see the letters LPG without understanding its meaning, LPG is an acronym for Liquified Petroleum Gas which is energy stored under pressure in cylinders. LPG is a modern superior alternative to firewood and charcoal and is safe, clean, fast and portable.

A: If your gas cylinder is damaged, or leaking do not try to repair it. Instead return it to the outlet where you bought it. Leaks are characterized by the presence of strong irritating smell. You can also check for leaks by using a cloth soaked in soapy water. The presence of bubbles means the cylinder is leaking. It is dangerous to attempt repairing a damaged or leaking cylinder as this can cause harm, or injury.

A: First you need to have a pressure regulator that controls the amount of gas entering your cooker and a hose pipe that connects your cooker to the gas cylinder. Whenever you buy these products, ensure that they are inspected by an authorised dealer who should also show you how to connect them correctly.

A: LPG should always be transported in an upright position. If the cylinder is in the car boot, try to secure it to prevent from falling over, rolling around and possibly getting damaged.

A: Do not put your gas cylinder near any sources of heat like stove, or diretct sunlight because gas expands when heated and this can sometimes damage the valve, hose or cylinder. Cylinders should be stored in an upright position on a level surface. The cooking appliances should be placed higher than the cylinder.

A: Ensure you light the matchstick before turning on the gas and teach your family members how to use the gas correctly. Turn off your regulator valve when the gas is not in use. If unsure of how to light your gas please seek help from an authorized distributor.

A: Turn off the regulator and disconnect it from the cylinder. Take the cylinder outdoor into the open. Open all windows and doors. Do not put on the electricity switch, light a matchstick, or use your mobile phone. Use soapy water to check for a leak, the water will bubble if there is a leak. Return the cylinder to the dealer you purchased it from.

A: In case of a fire outbreak do not panic but raise the alarm by shouting “fire, fire.” Turn off the regulator if there is no fire around it using a damp towel. Do not endanger your life by attempting to fight a fire. Calmly evacuate everyone from the house and call for help.

A: All branded cylinders sizes of 3, 6, and 13 kilogrammes are fitted with unified valves and can be exchanged at Total retail outlets for your convenience.