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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is one of the most common alternative sources of energy in the world; both domestic and industrial. LPG is produced from associated petroleum gas which constitutes of pure gases or special mixtures that can be used for cooking, heating buildings, production of petrochemicals or as the motor fuel. 


Compared to other sources of fuel LPG is:

  • Versatile - it can be used for heating, cooking, refrigeration, as a motor fuel
  • Clean - has reduced carbon emissions; appliances require less maintenance
  • Powerful and safe - it generates heat which is instantly available and readily controlled.
  • Cheap - it is cheaper than solid fuels because it can be controlled and its heat is efficient for the purpose
  • Portable - LPG cylinders can be carried from one point to another without any complications.



  • LPG is 50% heavier than air, tends to sink to the ground and can flow long distances along the ground and can collect in drains and gullies.
  • LPG is odorless and an odor called Mercaptan is added to detect leaks.
  • When mixed with air, can burn or explode when it meets a source of ignition.
  • Latent heat of vaporization is needed to convert the liquid to gas. As the liquid boils, it needs to take heat energy from itself and its surroundings which makes containers cold to touch and in case of a huge gas emission, frost may appear.
  • LPG pressure increases with temperature, as such if the temperature around the tank increases, the pressure inside the tank increases as the liquid expands.


Total Gas LPG Benefits

  • The main benefits of using LPG are:
  • Gives you an instant cooking flame. LPG is easy and instantaneous to light.
  • Is easy to control.  The blue flame is visible and its size is easy. controlled over a wide range so that the required rate of heating can be obtained.
  • Is used in many different sectors, i.e. domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and Autogas. 
  • Is non-poisonous and safe to use.
  • Burns cleanly and does not produce any soot, smoke or smell during combustion, therefore leaving your kitchen clean.
  • Is pure, and very consistent in quality.
  • Adds to your comfort because cooking is quick and the kitchen does not get heated as with other fuels like wood or charcoal.
  • Is available.  Your LPG TOTAL GAS distributor delivers a refill cylinder free of charge at your home.
  • Is compatible with many different appliances easy to maintain