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Lubricant services

With our passion for engines, mechanics, motorsports, two- and four-wheelers of all kinds, how could we stop at selling oils? At TOTAL Kenya Lubricants, we apply our expertise to provide you with the highest quality services too. Whatever car or motorcycle you own, you are putting your vehicle in good hands when you place your trust in a TOTAL Kenya Lubricants technical expert. Our objective? 100% satisfaction. Discover our top-notch services for cars and motorcycles.

TOTAL QUARTZ Auto service

We are here to help you take excellent care of your vehicle. Established throughout the world, we have 300 service centers across five continents.

Take advantage of TOTAL Lubrifiants expertise at [TOTAL QUARTZ Auto service] stations, providing the very best in lubricant know-how!

Moto Zone for your motorcycle

We have developed the Moto Zone network to make motorcycle maintenance hassle-free. Take advantage of this worldwide network of garages, workshops, and bike wash points for two-wheelers. You can ride in to get an oil change and - depending on the outlet - an array of other services.

Discover our lubricants for motorcycles

Lub Advisor

Looking for TOTAL or ELF lubricants? Let us help you find the right products for your vehicles and equipment!

Discover Lub advisor services

Treat your car engine right: Discover our lubricants for cars