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The TOTAL Card is Kenya's number one fleet management solution for fleet owners. It offers a comprehensive package that enables fleet managers to effectively control and manage their fleet fuel consumption through the provision of reliable safety features and accurate reporting. The Bon Voyage Fuel card has been in existence since 1994 and it was the first card in Kenya to adopt chip technology in 2002. So far, over 50 percent of Kenya's fleet owners and businesses use TOTAL Card because of its diversity. With the BV fuel card one can do the follwoing at a Total Service Station: Pay for fuels, pay for services (car wash), purchase Total lubricants, Total Sola, Totalgaz, Total car care products or any other products at the Total Bonjour Shops.



Customers can use the TOTAL Card in the over 200 fuel stations around the country which are optimally located. The card is best known for the following advantages:

  • SAFE - No cash, Confidential PIN, Driver Code
  • SIMPLE - Quick. Convenient. Itemized billing.
  • SMART - Tailored to meet your specific needs

TOTAL Card & Mobile Payment

The TOTAL Card is the first fuel card in the Kenyan market to embrace the mobile payment platform through MPESA top up option. This innovative solution aims to improve customer convenience in regard to enabling remote fuel credit top up or pay their monthly bills without a hustle.