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TOTAL has introduced solar lanterns in its business portfolio under the banner Beba Stima Bila Bills aimed at addressing lighting needs for Kenyans who;

  • Do not have access to electricity
  • Have low incomes and
  • Have unreliable electricity supply.

TOTAL Kenya is committed to availing these lamps to each and every home in Kenya. We have opened up our extensive service station network to be points of sale for Total Sola lamps. In addition, we have opened up reseller outlets and have partnered with Corporate Organizations, NGO’s, MFI’s and SACCO’s with the aim of increasing accessibility to this solution. 

Key Features of the Total Sola lanterns:

  • Provide brighter and safer lighting source compared to candles and kerosene lanterns
  • Ready and reliable charging solutions for mobile phones
  • Excellent after sale services which saw more than 50,000 lamps sold in less than two years after introduction in the market
  • Affordable, portable, versatile and easy to use,
  • They have one-to two-year warranty and customer service is available at all Total service station in Kenya.

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Total fuels
  • Retail Price. Kes. 2800 at all Total Stations and Total Sola resellers
  • Four brightness setting (4hrs on High, 8 hrs on Medium, 16 hrs on low and 100 hrs on Bed-Light)
  • Charges Mobile phones 
  • 16 hours on low and 100 hours on Bed-Light 
  • Free 2 years warranty and more than 5 years lifetime 
  • Weather, dust and impact resistant
  • No battery replacements needed 
  • Dual solar / AC charging and full battery charge  from Solar/AC is 8 hours.
  • Battery charge level indicator

Solar and AC Charging - S300 has a portable solar panel and can be charged from using a USB charger or a Nokia standard charger. 

Light Performance - S300 provides bright white light at a wide angle, enabling the illumination of an entire room. The S300 features 4 brightness settings, providing upto 16 hours of bright light (100 hours on the bed light setting) 

Product functionality - A USB port provides ability to charge smart phones and a battery indicator shows the charge level. Light weight, it comes with an ergonomically designed handle and top strap which offers maximum flexibility for use in home, work place, or outdoor environments.





    • Retail Price. Kes. 960 at all Total Stations and Total Sola resellers
    • Two brightness settings (4 hrs on High, 8 hrs on Medium)
    • Free 2 year replacement warranty and over 5 years lifetime
    • No battery replacements needed
    • Integrated solar panel 
    • Dual Solar/ AC charging. Full charge from Solar/AC is 8 hours
    • Glow in the dark On/Off Button
    • Weather, Dust and Impact Resistant

    Light Performance - The S20 provides 8 hours of light on full battery and uses proprietary, highly efficient LEDs. It provides 360 degree space lighting for any environment or focused light for studying, working or cooking. 

    Product Functionality - S20 is designed to be extremely user friendly and flexible. It has a detachable handle and includes an integrated solar panel that makes reacharging simple and easy. The S20 can be carried, hung or placed on any surface to effectively illuminate the surrounding area. 

    Solar and AC charging - The S20 has a highly efficient solar panel to make charging simple and easy. It can be charged from a USB source using the USB cable or a standard Nokia AC charger. 

    Product Benefits - Designed as alternative light for a rural off-grid household.