Total Tree Conference

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The Total Tree Conference is an annual convention of environmental scientists, environmental organizations, Kenya government agencies, large scale/ commercial tree farmers where they discuss environmental, policy and economic issues affecting tree planting in Kenya.

In 2014, Total Kenya, through the TOTAL Eco Challenge program, entered into a partnership with the Kenya Forest Service to jointly steer the tree planting agenda through conservation of Kenya’s indigenous forests and drive planting of billions of trees inside and outside protected areas and for sustainable use. The partnership will also jointly stage consequent Total Tree conferences with the aim of spurring critical thinking on issues and developments regarding tree planting activities in Kenya.

The success of previous Total Tree conferences has been the successful push towards a positive change in policy by government towards issues of forest degradation and global warming. The development of a tree seed bank so as to allow for easy access of tree seedling, a rethink of tree agriculture to in order to incorporate the economic element of forests and trees as an economic resource.

Presentations from the 2015 Total Tree Conference