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Tree Centres

The Eco Challenge is a project of Total Kenya, based on awareness of the disastrous consequences Kenya faces if deforestation continues, and the belief that the people themselves have the will and the means to reverse the trend if they know what can be done and how to do it.

The Eco Challenge helps disseminate information and mobilise physical resources of seeds, nurseries and skills, and co-ordinates corporate sponsorship resources with low-budget urban and rural projects. It is a unified, available channel for this information and resource exchange, and it gives every individual and element (however large or small) a sense of belonging to the same recognised national campaign.

Through the programme, Total have identified a need and set a target for planting 100 million trees per year (to meet current and projected demand, and to restore forest cover towards 10% of total land area) and have challenged every man, woman, child and organisation in Kenya to personally, directly and actively participate in the effort.

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