FAQ's Chomoka Na Credo Promo

Entry mechanic: dial *459*4*uniquecode#

1.How much is my entry to claim?
Entry is FREE. There are no costs to enter.

2.How much does it cost me to answer SMS question?
There is no cost to you to enter the Chomoka Na Credo Promotion or for answering the questions

3.What will my answers be used for?
The information that you provide us is used by Total Lubricants and other brands in the Total community to understand your product needs better, in the aim of creating a better product experience for you.

4.Are my contact details and information given kept confidential?
Yes, all your information is kept confidential

5.What should you do if I pressed the wrong answer?
The screen will pop up informing you that you have pressed a wrong answer and you should try again

6.What happens if ”I entered but haven’t received my airtime”?
We verify each of the codes submitted and then pay airtime.  You may have typed the code incorrectly. 

7.Is this competition only open to prepaid users?
This competition is open to all users on Safaricom 

8.Do I always win airtime every time they enter? 
Yes this campaign is guaranteed rewards. Value of airtime could vary depending on the pack used to enter 

9.How does the promotion work?
Each time you enters a unique code from their Total Lubricants promotional pack, you will be informed via SMS that you have won airtime.

10.How long do I have to wait to know if I have won airtime?
You will receive an SMS to notify you that you are a winner within 48 hours

11.If I win airtime, how do I claim it?
You will receive an airtime top up from the mobile network within 48hrs of completing the call back.

12.What should you do if you have urgent queries that are not answered in this document?
Contact us for assistance on: 
Tel: +254-719-333