Technical Training

Technical Training

Training is a tool that allows users of lubricants to fully benefit from the advances in the technology, expertise and know-how developed by TOTAL Lubricants.

The approval of TOTAL Lubricants as a training organization (No. 11 92 147 24 92) is a guarantee of quality and means the investment can be integrated in your company's training budget.

All of our training modules are taught by Sales Engineers in constant contact with customers :


Lubricants and Lubrication

All about lubricants: from design to use.

We developed e learnings to help understand better lubricants. See an example with the teasing below:

Synergies for sales outlets

How to optimize the management of your sales outlets and increase sales: customer reception, laying out workshops and shops, cross-functional products (brake fluids and coolants, tires, bulbs and lights...)

Lubricant range

Offer your customers lubricants that will help them reduce their fuel consumption, extend their oil drain intervals, optimize their inventory, and reduce wear on equipment.

Safety and environment

Advice and expertise on the storage, handling and distribution of lubricants, on understanding labels, the recovery of used oils, data sheets and safety data sheets, the lubrication of green vehicles etc.

Tools and Services

How to use the various tools and services offered by Total Lubricants, from oil analysis to lubrication management, lubrication software, fleet management etc.

For more information about Technical Training: