Whether you're a single-manufacturer garage or a franchise that works on all makes, TOTAL Lubrifiants has the oil products that can keep you ahead of the curve... and keep your customers coming back for more. Our TOTAL and ELF brand products meet the requirements of all types of two-wheelers and engines, and for all kinds of use. You'll find what you need in our lubricant product ranges.

The proof is in the performance

It's no coincidence that so many motorbike manufacturers choose out Lubrifiants to power their products—even at the first fill. In the intense world of motorcycling, consumers are loyal to the brands that have a proven track record of high-level performance. And that's precisely what our TOTAL and ELF brands deliver. Our products are derived directly from research conducted for ELF motorsports champio, and has been approved by major motorcycle manufacturers such as HONDA and KAWASAKI.

Quality and safety: for people, motorcycles and the environment

Quality is essential to your business. Our lubricants conform to international performance standards and norms, including ISO, API, JASO. We are also fully committed to creating products that advance sustainable development.

A partner to your garage

As you see here, our product offer for motorcycles is vast. TOTAL Lubrifiants can advise you on the best products for you, whether you service one particular manufacturer or take on all kinds.




2-stroke or 4-stroke?

Lubricants for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are different and never interchangeable. That is why TOTAL Lubrifiants' products for motorcycle engines are separated into two segments according to these broad categories:

2T: Lubricants for 2-stroke motorcycle and scooter engines

TOTAL HIGH-PERF 2T SCOOTER is recommended as a lubricant for 2-stroke scooter engines up to 125 cc3. This oil is particularly suited to the demands of urban traffic (stop-and-go) and journeys in rural conditions (intercity), and it is compatible with unleaded fuel. Oil level should comply with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

We have enhanced TOTAL HIGH-PERF 2T SCOOTER by adding synthetic base oils to provide high protection for the engine and associated components. Its low viscosity and the right solvents make oil and fuel mixing easier. Furthermore, the reduction in exhaust system fouling goes further than required by ISO-L-EGC-/EGD specifications. The oil helps reduce exhaust emissions and has superior detergent properties thanks to the use of solvents and polymers. As a result, this lubricant is fully compliant with the most recent JASO FC specifications.

4T: Lubricants for 4-stroke engines

We recommend TOTAL HIGH-PERF 4T RACING 10W-50 for high-performance 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It is suitable for all uses in urban traffic, country jaunts and fast travel on highways. This lubricant is compatible with catalytic converters and unleaded fuels.

TOTAL HIGH-PERF 4T RACING 10W-50 for 4-stroke engines helps the bike's motor, clutch and gearbox maintain both power and performance. We have formulated this multigrade oil to be compliant with API SL and the most recent JASO MA2 specifications.




ELF MOTO has launched a new line of engine lubricants for motorcycles, scooters and quads. The line is even more effective at boosting performance, providing protection and extending engine life.

All new ELF MOTO formulas comply with JASO MA2 2011 standards. The new line includes oils produced by:

  • mineral refining,
  • mineral refining and chemical treatment,
  • using 100% synthetic molecules.

With a range of formulations, ELF MOTO products meet all of your customers' needs:

  • Regular, demanding or intensive riding conditions
  • Short or long trips
  • Classic or more sporty riding
  • Competition

ELF MOTO offers engine oils segmented into two distinct product lines, each for a different market:

  • LEISURE for those riders who use a car for daily transportation, and use a motorcycle as a leisure vehicle.
  • BASIC for markets where motorcycles are often used as the primary vehicle. This is frequently the case in countries in Southeast Asia, Central America and Latin America.

Both LEISURE and BASIC products include oils for 2- and 4-stroke engines. For 4-stroke engines, ELF MOTO proposes eight formulas with different viscosities to cover all bikers' needs. Seven lubricants are available for 2-stroke engines: four for motorcycles, from a common product to a competition formula; and three for scooters.