Mining supply chain: our expertise

mining expertise

We have been supplying this diverse industry with both bulk fuel and lubricants, ranging from the cement industry, earth moving, contractors, ash industry etc. Our full range of products ensures that you as our clients shall have smooth supplies without interruptions.

Products we supply

  • Gasoil
  • Industrial Diesel Oil
  • Petrol
  • Fuel
  • Lubricants

We supply our clients from either one of our depots situated in Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret or Kisumu. We install bulk equipment free-on-loan basis at your premises to ensure sufficient stocks for smooth operations. On request, we can issue you with our "Bon Voyage" fuel cards which enable you to draw fuel from any of our service stations.


In consideration of a client buying such minimum quantities of fuels and subject to a contractual obligation, TOTAL Kenya Ltd can supply the customer with equipment, install it, commission and maintain it on a free-on-loan basis. Where a customer has pre-existing equipment, TOTAL shall confirm safe use before deliveries at a reasonable interval thereafter.
In all our installations we conform to existing industry and best Health, Safety and Quality standards. We also subscribe to the National Environment Monitoring Authority (NEMA).

For lubricants specifically, we supply the following:

  • Oil dispensing pumps (manual and pneumatic)
  • Dispensing grease and measuring cans
  • Computerised dispensing system for busy workshops

Technical assistance and customised services

Additional to the regular visits by our respective Territory Manager to sort out day to day eventualities of your account, TOTAL shall make available the services of its Lubricants Engineers and Quality, Safety and Environment Manager to provide technical assistance and advise on matters of:

  • TOTAL lubricants through laboratory analysis
  • Storage and dispensing of lubricants with a view to optimizing on range and usage.
  • Inspect, audit and advise in regard to those areas of the customers' environment.
  • Training of staff handling our products on safety and product knowledge e) Periodical seminars held countrywide.

Customer services

Our delivery process is backed by a fully fledged Customer Service Centre that captures the order, and electronically posts them to all front offices in our depots for onward physical loading to any destination in the country. This ensures that you receive your products within 48 hours.
The centre is equipped to trace your order movement online.

Products, prices and payment terms

Our prices for fuels are based on the global market grade prices.
We amend prices regularly, minimum once per month based on an agreed formula as specified in our contractual arrangement with the client. For lubricants, prices are reviewed when input costs go up as per agreed contract terms depending on each client.
Based on the financial credibility of the client we can supply products on credit.