Bitumen Products


Total has developed full packages for supply all the petroleum products requested by the big road construction projects. One stop supplier for all the products to simplify the supply process is part of the service we propose to our esteemed customer in order for them to save time and energy using the natural synergy present in our commercial team.
We are able to supply a large range of bitumous products from the emulsions/cutbacks to the straight bitumens to suit your demands that will complete our lubricants and fuels.


A large range of Bitumen Specialities for road construction

  • For direct application at high temperature
  • Hot mixes and surface dressing

STRAIGHT BITUMEN Penetration Grades 80/100 and 60/70


  • For spray or direct application at lower temperature

CUTBACKS : Bitumen made fluid by dilution with a petroleum solvent
EMULSIONS : Bitumen dispersed in water with the help of an emulsifier

MC-30: Prime Precoat
MC-70: Prime
Anionic Emulsions:
A1-60: Surface dressing Tack coat
A4, A3:Precoat, Slurry seal Fine cold mix, Tack coat
Cationic Emulsions:
1-60: Surface dressing Tack coat
K1-70: Surface dressing Tack coat
K3: Slurry and Fog seals Precoat, Fine cold mix Tack coat, Prime
K3 Special: Slurry and Fog seals Precoat, Fine cold mix Tack coat, Prime