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Our Bitumen Plant


TOTAL has got its own facility to produce bitumen specialities tailored for your needs.

Bitumen Emulsions are suspensions of Bitumen particles in Water. They are formed by subjecting molten bitumen to high shear forces in colloidal mills and the resulting globules transformed into charged particles that are kept apart by electrostatic repulsion.
Catonic Emulsions result from positively charged particles and Anionic Emulsions from negatively charged particles. Examples of Canionic Emulsions available at the Bitumen Plant are K1-60, K1-70 and K3 while Anionic Emulsions are A1-60 and A4, all formulated to National Std KS 02-769: 1990
Since bitumen emulsions are water-based, they are not only economical to use, but also environment friendly. Their use is greatly encouraged. They are available in bulk and drums.

The Total Bitumen Plant, strategically located in the heart of Nairobi's Industrial Area, specializes in the production of Bitumen Emulsions and Cutbacks. With a rated capacity of 10 kT per year, it services the needs of both the local and regional markets with a wide ranging variety of bituminous products required in the Road Construction Industry.
Well equiped with a real time process-control Laboratory that guarantees the quality of its products, it is the one stop shop for all your emulsion and cutback requirements.

Bitumen Cutbacks are solutions of Bitumen in petroleum solvents. The physical properties of bitumen are adjusted for applicability and its curing rate controlled in a process commonly referrred to cutting the bitumen. They are mainly used as primers in road construction. Cutbacks release petroleum vapours into the environment as they cure and are thus not friendly to the environment.
They are also more expensive than emulsions. Their use has, however, been sustained by road engineering requirements in many areas. Cutbacks produced at the Bitumen Plant are Medium-Curing; MC30, MC70 and MC3000. They are available in bulk and in drums and conform to National Standard KS 02-1239: 1997

Bulk and Drummed Bitumen grade 80/100 can also be easily purchased from the Bitumen Plant. The drums are available in 150 Kg packages at highly competitive prices.

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