Total Kenya Management Trainee.

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For Total to become and remain the foremost company in a highly competitive market, Total must outperform all its competitors, all the time. This will only happen, only if we have highly creative, competitive, exceptionally bright and talented people to run the business.People who can lead others in such a way that, each employee perform at his/ her maximum potential, with full talent being utilized to improve business performance. If we have such people we shall have winning teams to meet our demanding dreams.

Our ambitions and wider scope demand that we recruit fresh and young graduate trainees from universities with new theories, knowledge, fresh minds and energy to inject into the business. Although management trainees recruited in Total Kenya usually have time to work within Total locally there are also opportunities to move to different nations to enable transfer of ideas, knowledge and skills and expertise in order to spread innovations and efficiency through out our operations of Total Group. This gives the management trainees a global outlook to the Total group worldwide.

Total believes young people capable of leading our business in future will be seeking intellectual stimulation from their environment and in any thing they are involved in, will always take challenge and put effort in the friendly competition with the peer group, being eager to see their team success with themselves putting an outstanding contribution towards it. And this is exactly what we are looking for.