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We hereby inform our customers, business partners and general public that following approval by the company’s shareholders during Annual General Meeting held on 16th June 2017, we have, effective 23rd June 2017, changed our name from TOTAL KENYA LIMITED to TOTAL KENYA PLC in line with the requirements of the Companies Act 2015.

All our contractual relationships and obligations are not affected by this change.

  • Total Kenya releases 2016 Audited Financial Statements

We recorded a marked improvement in the financial performance for the year ended 31st December 2016. This has mainly been driven by the efforts and action plans set by management to grow the business in all segments, effective management of working capital requirements and costs, cash management and investments in safety and profitable business segments.

The drop in international oil prices led to the decrease of 26% in net sales, while gross margins increased by 12% from Kshs 6.99 billion in 2015 to Kshs 7.85 billion in 2016. The effective cost of sales management and stronger focus on more profitable business segments in 2016 led to better results of the Company.

Other income increased by Kshs 197 million as a result of growth in rental income and non-forecourt activities. As a key objective set by management, operating expenses were closely managed and were controlled at below inflation growth. Net finance income grew by Kshs 36 million resulting from effective cash management.

Due to the stability of the Kenya shilling against the US dollar, the forex loss was lower at Kshs 22 million compared to Kshs 320 million in 2015.

The Company recorded a profit before tax of Kshs 3.94 billion as compared to Kshs 2.62 billion realised in 2015. Profit after tax increased by 38% to Kshs 2.23 billion (2015: Kshs 1.62 billion).

The Company continues to maintain a very strong financial position with a growth in total assets of Kshs 1.96 billion. Investments in long term assets totaling Kshs 1.54 billion were made in the year, in line with the strategy to develop the business in the core activities and to continue to tap on business opportunities, altogether with full compliance with our safety and environmental requirements and standards.

Click this link to study the published results >>> Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2016

  • Total's Acquisition of GAPCO's Assets in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania Has Closed

Total Strengthens Its Logistics in East Africa, Significantly Expands Its Service Station Network and Moves Closeness to Customers to the Next Level

Total's May 2016 acquisition of Gulf Africa Petroleum Corporation's (GAPCO) assets in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania closed yesterday, March 28.

The principal assets being acquired are two logistics terminals, in Mombasa, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, as well as a retail network of more than a hundred service stations.

In combination with its existing operations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, these assets will strengthen Total’s logistics in the region and significantly accelerate the growth of its retail network there, especially in Tanzania. As elsewhere in Africa, where Total is the leading marketer, each station will become a community hub known for its closeness to all customers and meeting mobility and transportation needs.

The priority now is to begin merging GAPCO’s assets and operations with Total’s in the three countries and to foster business and synergies. The highly professional, skilled and engaged teams at both companies will ensure the transaction is a success.

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Mobile: + (254 20) 28 977275

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  • Uber partners with Total to provide benefits to driver-partners

Uber, the innovative app that connects clients to drivers, has partnered with Total Kenya, to provide some great deals to benefit Kenyan driver-partners from the 25th July 2016.

Nate Anderson, General Manager for Uber in Kenya says, "We are delighted to be able to offer these extra benefits to driver-partners thanks to Total Kenya, which sees them being charged less for fuel, and we know every little bit helps when you're working for yourself."

In order for driver-partners to access these great benefits they are required to apply for their TOTAL Fuel Card at selected TOTAL service stations at no cost. The TOTAL BONVOYAGE is the leading Fuel Card in Kenya and a safe, simple and smart way for driver-partners to manage their fuel expenditure and can be used at Total’s network of 181 stations across Kenya.

With this partnership, driver-partners receive a competitive discount off every litre of fuel which gets loaded onto their fuel cards the following month. Another added benefit of the card sees driver-partners receiving a machine power carwash for KES200, saving them KES100. As an added extra, they will also receive a solar lantern worth KES1000 when they apply for their TOTAL Fuel Card.

Alban Tarneaud, Marketing Manager at Total Kenya explains, “Uber is a leading, Global Technology and Innovation brand and the partnership will not only benefit Uber driver-partners but also result to significant brand synergies for the two partners.”

Anderson continues, "We are thrilled with our new partnership with Total, the number one Oil Marketer in Africa and Europe. It gives us an opportunity to show our commitment and appreciation to our driver-partners. Not only will they receive great benefits but this exclusive partnership will help reduce their daily costs and allow them to take home more earnings."

"We are committed to supporting our driver-partners so it is important for us to partner with great companies in order to bring value to our driver-partners so that Uber remains an attractive option - without the great response from driver-partners we wouldn't be able to keep moving the people of Nairobi," concludes Anderson.

Where to apply for the TOTAL fuel card:


UBER driver-partners in Nairobi will need to visit the following TOTAL service stations for card application:

1)TOTAL New Mombasa road near Airtel head office

2)TOTAL Limuru road on Limuru road in Parklands

3)TOTAL Hurlingham on Argwings Kodhek road

4)TOTAL Spring Valley


In Mombasa they can register at:

1)TOTAL Mkomani in Nyali

2)TOTAL Kenyatta Avenue

3)TOTAL Bahati along the Mombasa –Malindi road.


  • Total donates over a million shillings worth of fuel to power ivory burning.

Total Kenya has donated over a million shillings worth of fuel to power the ivory burning scheduled for 30th April, 2016 at the Nairobi National Park. The stock pile of ivory which has been recovered from poachers and illegal consignments intercepted at aerodromes and seaports consist of 25,000 elephant tusks weighing 105 tonnes and 1.35 tonnes of rhino horns.

A mixture of diesel and kerosene will be sprayed under the tusks through pipes and jets to fuel the fire. This together with firewood in between the tusks will achieve very high temperatures from steady heat to reduce the tusks to ash.

The gift of fuel is the latest example of Total’s continuing support for wildlife and environmental conservation. For more than fifteen years, we has been a major sponsor of the annual Rhino Charge which has raised money needed to fund the construction and maintenance of an electric fence surrounding the Aberdares, Mt Kenya and Mau Eburu forests. This protects elephants, rhinos, and a variety of wild animals from poachers and helps to curb human-wildlife conflict in those areas.


  • Re-launch of New-look Moi Road Total service station and official opening of AutoXpress Service Centre.

We are glad to announce the re-launch the New-Look MOI Road Total service station and Official opening of a state of the art AutoXpress service centre at the station in Naivasha on 22nd March 2016.

It is a continuation of a partnership between Total Kenya and AutoXpress that has span 58years and continues to grow stronger.

Residents and businesses in Naivasha town continue to enjoy TOTAL fuels, TOTAL lubricants, TOTALSOLA, TOTALGAZ , Bonjour shop , car wash , service bay among other services under the new look that blends better with the environment and provides an enhanced customer experience.

AutoXpress service centre will provide motorists with professional wheel balancing, alignment along with a wide range of wheels, batteries, related products and other services.

TOTAL is proud to be associated with NAIVASHA TOWN.


  • Total Kenya Limited and Solar Kiosk Kenya Limited partner to bring sustainable, clean energy solutions closer to the people

Total Kenya Limited has partnered with Solar Kiosk Kenya Limited, (a subsidiary of the Berlin-based SOLARKIOSK AG) for the establishment of solar-powered kiosks in remote areas with unreliable power supply.

Total Kenya and Solar Kiosk Kenya share an ambition to provide off-grid and limited connectivity communities with solar-powered products and services. This ambition forms the basis of the mutual partnership in Kenya.

To maximize the impact of this initiative, Total Kenya and Solar Kiosk Kenya commenced the partnership with a pilot project in 2015. The pilot project involved the implementation of two solar-powered energy and connectivity hubs called the SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB. The E-HUBB- designed by GRAFT (partners and co-founders of SOLARKIOSK AG) is a modular solar-powered structure that can be easily implemented in remote communities.

The E-HUBB outlet empowers local entrepreneurship and the sustainable development of Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities by providing vital energy services, solar products and connectivity solutions. The pilot project commenced with the launch of two Solarkiosk E-HUBBs in Kithimani (Machakos County) and Kaguku (Muranga County). By the end of 2015, SOLARKIOSK had implemented over 100 E-HUBBs in three continents.

  • Total Kenya holds its 61st Annual General Meeting

On June 12, Total Kenya held its 61st Annual General Meeting at the Safari Park Hotel where the management team met Total Kenya shareholders to deliberate on the financial results of the previous year as well us the future direction for the next financial year. The company is confident in attaining better results in the year 2015 as a result of its investment plans.

  • Total Kenya marks World Environment Day

Total Kenya members of staff joined other Kenyans in marking World Environment Day by planting tree seedlings at Buruburu primary school and SOS Children's Villages, Bururuburu, Nairobi, through the TOTAL Eco challenge program. The seedlings were planted with the purpose of increasing bio diversity and controlling soil erosion and flooding along the Nairobi River bank.

  • Total Kenya, Barclays Bank of Kenya and VISA East Africa launch the #TotalFreedomwithVISA promotion

On June 2, 2015, Total Kenya together with Barclays Bank of Kenya and VISA East Africa jointly launched the much anticipated #TotalFreedomwithVISA promotion at the Total Limuru Rd. service station. The promotion is set to run for eight weeks, since date of launch, in all TOTAL service stations that offer VISA payment option. It seeks to increase awareness about the freedom that VISA offers in the form of its convenience. In the promotion, 15 customers will be rewarded with fuel vouchers each week; 14 will be rewarded with fuel vouchers worth a full tank of fuel while 1 will be rewarded with a fuel voucher worth a full year's supply of fuel. Other rewards include on VISA merchandise won through on site and media activations. Total Kenya is glad to partner with VISA because VISA gives TOTAL customers another reason to choose TOTAL.

  • Total Kenya members of staff visit the City Primary School Autism Unit

Total Kenya members of staff donated teaching and learning materials, food, toiletries and dust coats to pupils and teachers at the City Primary School Autism Unit. This visit was part of the company's commemorative activities for the 2015 Global Diversity days where members of staff celebrated the importance of individual uniqueness within the work place and the society. The visit exposed the need for more support for autistic children at the City Primary School since the school is in need for more specialised learning resources for these children. The visit was indeed an eye opener that inspired the need for Total Kenya to expand the scope of its community outreach programs.

  • Total Kenya releases 2014 financial results

The board of directors for Total Kenya officially realeased 2014 full year audited results. We recorded Kes. 1.4 Billion in net profit (after tax) which is a growth of 8.4 per cent compared to the results of the previous financial period. These results are attributed to an increase in sales and slower growth in operating costs. Click this link to study the published results >>> Audited full year financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2014